Patience Revisited

Patience Revisited for Palm OS

Patience for your palm

Patience is a solitaire game for Palm OS devices. It supports the latest Palm OS 5 devices all the way back to Palm OS 2.0.

It has been upgraded to support useful features of the more recent devices: color, high resolution mode, and larger screens. It comes with a wide variety of one- and two-deck games, including FreeCell, Klondike, Canfield, Spider, Montana, and many more (see below for the full list).

All of the games have the same controls; most of the time tapping on a card will move it a useful manner. When that doesn’t do what you want, you can always drag a card where you want it to go. Helpful Hints and 1024-level undo are always available.

A treasure-trove of games to keep you occupied on the move.

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Patience Revisited


Patience Revisited 5.1.1

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